Partner With Us

In our ministry, we believe in partnership. We consider everybody that partnership with us as a member no matter where they are located in the world.  They receive every spiritual benefit the members are receiving. Such as the word of God, prayers, calling and all the activities that grow their spiritual life in order for their lives to be better and for them to live the will of God. Every partner must be an active participant in every way the Lord grants them the ability to. For example: paying your tithe is a kind of partnership. This is how our ministry functions outside Montreal. Our members and partners are always our priority. May God bless your heart of understanding.

Are you desiring to partner with us to spread the good news of our Lord Jesus to the world? Please email us your name, your address and a little introduction of who you are and testimony about your Christian life so that we can know you. As soon as we receive your email we will send you everything you have to know about the ministry and the partnership. Send us an e-mail at